We all know it’s important to take your vitamins each day, but have you ever heard of getting wellness injections? B12 and biotin supplemental injections offer benefits ranging from your outward appearance to your mental well-being.

Rachel Davis, nurse practitioner and owner of Rejuvenate RX, located in Knoxville, Iowa, and Centerville, IA, shared the benefits of receiving biotin and B12 injections.

According to Davis, although you can take both B12 and biotin vitamins orally, you will achieve the best results from injections. B12 and biotin are water-soluble vitamins. When taken orally, they will travel down your digestive system and get broken down. So, on average, you will only reap about 50 to 75 percent of the benefits from the vitamins.

However, B12 and biotin injections are 100 percent bioavailable. When injected, they will bypass the digestive system and go directly into the bloodstream, allowing your body to reap all of the added benefits.

B12 offers benefits such as energy, mood boost, increased focus and improved quality of sleep. Davis shared that most of her clients receiving B12 injections are originally seeking a mood booster but then fall in love with it after experiencing all of the extra benefits.

B12 injections are considered to be a natural replacement for anxiety or antidepressant medication. According to Davis, clients wanting to wean off of their prescribed medications should typically receive injections weekly for about four weeks, then every two weeks for a few months and gradually reduce to once a month. However, each person is different, and it will vary.

“I have personally struggled with anxiety, and you would think that starting your own business and doing all these things would be even more so now, but I’ve actually been able to quit any anti-anxiety medications with B12 alone,” Davis said.


Could vitamin injections be a good alternative to capsule vitamins you swallow?

The time it will take to experience the benefits varies per person. Some people are able to feel the difference immediately. Whereas if someone is B12-deficient, it will take longer for them to feel the difference compared to someone who is not B12-deficient. 

Experiencing a deficiency in either of these vitamins can impact the quality of your life. According to the National Institutes of Health, pernicious anemia is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency. 

Biotin is a vitamin that helps speed up cell turnover for your skin and will strengthen the new growth in hair and nails. It will take longer to physically see the benefits of biotin in comparison to B12. 

Rejuvenate RX does not accept insurance, but charges $25 per injection or $90 for four. They are injected into the side of your upper thigh and the process is quick and painless.

Although beneficial to some, it is not recommended that everyone receive B12 and biotin injections. Some prescription medication users, smokers, alcohol and drug users and some thyroid and diabetic people could experience adverse effects.


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