After having our destination wedding at Lake Louise in Canada, the only thing my husband and I wanted was a relaxing honeymoon where the sky meets the sea.

We love being in the water so we decided to go to the Maldives to snorkel, swim, scuba, and sleep, and stayed at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island because of its extensive house reef. Knowing that we’d be in the ocean for a majority of our trip, we packed mostly swimsuits, board shorts, sunscreen, and silicone rings.

My husband and I wore silicone rings during our honeymoon because we knew we’d snorkeled and swim in the ocean often

My husband and I have platinum wedding bands, but for our honeymoon, we switched between our regular rings and silicone ones from ROQ ($7.99 to $18.99). Our wedding bands are insured, but that doesn’t mean it’d be any less annoying if we lost it in the ocean.

There are many different styles for men and women, with sizes starting at 7 and 4 respectively

There are a lot of different styles for men and women, though I have to say that they all look gender neutral to me. The only real difference is the thickness in the band widths — the mens’ styles are thicker while the women’s are thinner. I wore a 2-millimeter thick band that had lines all around it and my husband wore a domed, 6-millimeter thick band; both are slightly thicker than our respective 1.8-mm and 5-mm wedding bands.

The rings start at size 7 for men and 4 for women; there are no half sizes per se but the silicone rings can stretch to fit the next half size. The rings will also stretch over time, so if you’re unsure of your size, I’d suggest sizing down. My real band is a 6 so I went with that; my husband’s real size is a 7.25, so he chose a 7.

The women’s rings come in a bunch of different colors like gray and yellow to mimic the color of real metals, or turquoise and black glitter if you wanted to have more fun with them, and the men’s rings come in colors like gray, camo, and more. For my husband and me, the rings were much more functional than fashionable so we each went with a four-pack that had basic colors. I’d suggest getting the multi-pack because it’s so inexpensive (I wouldn’t be too sad if I lost one of the rings), and the rings will stretch over time so you’d always have a backup.

The rings looked great in and out of the water, and endured salty ocean water and sweaty beach runs

The ROQ rings fit well, looked great, and lasted through two weeks’ of salt water, sweat, and more. They got the job done and still looked new even when we got back home. The stretchy silicone wasn’t uncomfortable at all; we barely noticed it after wearing it for a while.

While my husband and I wore these for a tropical honeymoon where we knew we’d be in the water a lot, these are great for those who have a more active everyday lifestyle, or for travelers who don’t want to risk one of their most invaluable possessions getting stolen or lost.

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