Romania ranks second, on a par with Portugal, in terms of the positive image of the EU. Some 60% of Romanians have a positive image of the European Union, compared to an EU average of 45%.

Separately, 52% of Romanians trust the European Union, compared to an EU average of 44%. Furthermore, 50% of Romanians are optimistic about the labor market situation, compared to a 44% EU average, according to the most recent standard Eurobarometer survey quoted by News.ro.

The poll was conducted after the European elections, between June 7 and July 1, 2019, in all 28 Member States of the EU and five candidate countries. The main findings of the Eurobarometer include record support for the euro and the transformation of climate change into the second major concern at EU level, after immigration. Confidence in the EU is at its highest level since 2014 and remains above confidence in national governments or parliaments.

Confidence in the EU has increased in 20 Member States, with the highest scores in Lithuania (72%), Denmark (68%) and Estonia (60%). In addition, more than half of respondents “tend to trust the EU” in Luxembourg (59%), Finland (58%), Portugal (57%), Malta and Sweden (both 56%), Bulgaria and Hungary (both with 55%), Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands and Cyprus (all with 54%), Romania and Austria (both with 52%) and Latvia and Belgium (both with 51%).

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