Rishi Sunak, with Boris Johnson sitting alongside him, then explains “how and why” things have had to change yet again. 

He said they knew there was likely to be a resurgence of the virus, but they believed they could “stay ahead” of cases with the additional capacity in the NHS. 

That enabled them to deploy initiatives such as Eat Out to Help Out. “The virus, however, continued to spread,” he says. The three-tiered system was then rolled out but as restrictions increased, it was necessary to resort to further support. 

“Then again the virus continued to spread – but more quickly,” Mr Sunak says, taking the Commons up to the data published at the weekend. 

“The only viable solution left to protect our NHS was the re-imposition of temporary, significant, enhanced restrictions in England, in addition to those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” he said. As a result it was “best” to extend the scheme rather than transition to another. 

He says opposition MPs will attack him for changing tack but in the “real world” that is what has to be done. 


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