Good morning.

This morning the Home Office has had to fight off accusations that the secretary presiding over the department is a bully, Boris Johnson is facing mounting criticism for not visiting flood victims and the US has sent its acting Chief of Staff to Downing Street to have one more stab at deterring the UK from working with Huawei. 

Who said recess in Parliament was quiet?

On that last point, Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff to the White House, will sit down with his counterpart, Eddie Lister, today in an attempt to change the UK’s mind on allowing Huawei limited access to its 5G network. 

Speaking at the Oxford Union last night Mr Mulvaney said there would be a “direct and dramatic impact on our ability to share information with you” in light of the contract. 

Meanwhile in Labour land, the outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn is heading to south Wales to visit those affected by the floods.  (Tory business minister defended the PM staying away from “media photo ops” as he said it was more important for Mr Johnson “to keep his ministers focused on delivery”.)

Tony Blair is giving a speech at 9.30am although the location has not yet been disclosed.

In another blast from the past Gordon Brown will give a speech at the LSE at 6.30pm, while at the same time in Manchester, the LGBT + leadership hustings will take place.

It’s all go. 


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