Rishi Sunak has said his Spending Review is designed to strengthen “the individual, the family and the community”. 

“We in Government can set the direction – better schools, more homes, stronger defence, safer streets, green energy, technological development, improved rail, enhanced roads, all investments that will create jobs and give every person in this country the chance to meet their potential,” the Chancellor said. 

“But it is the individual, the family, and the community that must become stronger, healthier and happier as a result. This is the true measure of our success.

“The spending announced today is secondary to the courage, wisdom, kindness and creativity it unleashes. These are the incalculable but essential parts of our future, and they cannot be mandated or distributed by Government.

“These things must come from each of us, and be shared freely, because the future, this better country, is a common endeavour.

“Today Government has funded the priorities of the British people, now the job of delivering them begins.”


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