Meanwhile, in Iran, something very different is expected.

Diners are particularly appreciated if they bring their serving staff little gifts from home, instead of a cash tip.

Travel gurus at MyBaggage.com flagged the strange tradition and told Express.co.uk: “As Iran is quite a closed nation, a small gift from a tourist’s home country will often be more appreciated as a token of thanks than money.

“Consider packing a few British souvenirs in your suitcase to give to hotel, tour and restaurant staff.

“Popular examples include branded merchandise from UK sports team, items with a Union Jack on them or anything stereotypically British.”

Therefore items which can be easily packed in Britons luggage, and appropriate for the tipping gift, could include keyrings, postcards and traditional UK foodstuffs.

They added: “Brits could be having the time of their life on holiday and then suddenly find themselves in a sticky situation when they receive the bill in a restaurant or the taxi pulls over.

“To avoid any confusion about the correct tip to leave when on foreign soil, we’ve produced a comprehensive international guide to gratuities.”

Meanwhile, referring to a similar aversion to trips to Japan, they added: “Tips in Japan will often be politely refused by service staff and it may even be considered insulting to offer a gratuity in some cases.

“Strict Japanese cultural expectations are that good service should simply be a normal part of life rather than something to be rewarded.”

The UK Foreign Office has issued strict guidelines and advice about travel to Iran, meaning only a small section of travellers may be able to follow the gifting custom.

Additionally, the FCO advise British-Iranian dual nationals against all but essential travel to the rest of Iran.

Meanwhile, the most dangerous countries in the world for 2019 have been revealed in a map which has rated the riskiest destinations when it comes to security.

International SOS and Control Risks has highlighted the countries which have extreme risks. Topping the most dangerous countries for security threats are Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan and Mali.

The safest countries in the world include Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, which regularly top United Nation lists as having the happiest people and the highest standards of living.


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