In this week’s This Week at Bungie, the studio revealed how the economy of Destiny 2 will change when the Forsaken expansion is released on Sept. 4. Reputation tokens will, for the most part, be going away in favor of destination materials, like Dusklight Shards from the European Dead Zone.

Players have long wondered what will happen to their various currencies when the expansion is released. Bungie clarified that players will still be able to redeem any tokens they currently have, with the exception of Ikora Rey’s meditation tokens. However, most of these tokens will no longer drop from from challenges or Public Events. Activities that used to reward tokens will now offer players planetary materials instead.

Reputation — as well as currency for vendors’ items, presumably — will now be earned exclusively through these planetary materials. However, materials will also be required to infuse weapons now. Each planet will now offer bounties to help players fill their inventories with specific materials from a given destination.

Iron Banner, Vanguard, and Crucible tokens will continue to work with Lord Saladin, Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx, respectively. Any existing tokens can also be used in Year Two of Destiny 2.

However, Bungie is putting Trials of the Nine on hiatus for the entirety of the game’s fourth season of competitive play, meaning that players will not be able to turn in their Trials tokens at all. Bungie is retooling Trials over the next few months, and the studio said it has not determined whether it will keep using the token system. Faction Rallies will also be on hiatus, at least for the start of season 4, meaning players will also be unable to redeem their faction tokens until the event returns.

Finally, the Gunsmith will also be seeing some value changes. While Gunsmith Materials will still be Banshee-44’s currency of choice, players will now need 100 of them in order to receive a gun, up from 40.

All of these changes will appear in Destiny 2 on Aug. 28, when the pre-Forsaken patch is released.


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