Google Maps Street View honed in on the heart-wrenching scenes of plane wreckage during a recent trip. The aircraft, which did not appear to be identified, was spotted split in half. There appeared to have been a fire on board, with smoked areas at either severed section. Shards of the body were also spotted on the runway.

The wreckage was captured by the cameras in the broad daylight, with a camera which took the image on a bird’s eye view.

Yet there appeared no way of identifying it.

It has clear blue labels on the under side, with a red and white tail.

There also did not seem to be any passengers nearby, perhaps escaping the severity of the crash or explosion.

Rescue services and employees did not appear to have reached the scene either.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate Google Maps crash, another horrid accident was captured by the team.

One man who could have done with extra preparation was a driver heading to the Scottish hills.

The motorist decided to take some friends for a drive in the rolling countryside.

The group headed to the coastal route leading to Ardmair Beach, in a tarmac stretch surrounded by lush greenery.

Yet, perhaps unfamiliar with the sharp corners of the side roads, his lack of awareness was clear.

When turning left off the main road, to take a side road with a better view of the water, he plunged his car into a ditch on the corner.

The crevice appeared particularly significant, with more than half of the vehicle left submerged.

Thankfully, neither the motorist or his passengers appeared injured.

All were seen surrounding the car, looking at its position and appearing clearly baffled.

It is unclear whether they were able to rescue the car themselves.

If not, they will have needed to enlist professional help, particularly considering the remote location.


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