A German future scientist saw that the concerns associated with climate change won’t urge Germans to make drastic changes in their behaviors in 2020.

The findings of Professor Horst Opaschowski, 78, are based on the results of a survey carried out in partnership with Ipsos Institute, in which 48 percent of participants said they still want to travel in 2020 despite the climate crisis and the political measures related to it.

Opaschowski said he was shocked by the results as he expected that no more than 20-25 percent would still support travel, noting that “so far, there are no signs of any change in behavior.”

The veteran German researcher pointed out that tourism is setting new records, whether in cruises or air travel.

Opaschowski said the situation was totally different 10 years ago after the financial crisis in 2008. The desire to travel dropped at the time because Germans had concerns about their expenditures, he noted.

The survey, conducted by the Ipsos and Opaschowski between November 11 and 20 involved 1,000 people over the age of 14 years.


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