December is a celebration month for both Jews and Christians as they honor the miracle of Hanukah and the birth of Jesus by the virgin Mary. But do we still believe that miracles can take place? If we ever needed to believe that miracles can still happen, it is today, now, at this moment.

We need the FDA to approve a vaccine that can be used by people all over this planet. We need medicines to treat people infected with COVID-19. We need all other items that will enable students to return to classrooms, workers to return to their jobs, spectators to attend sporting events and to allow families to visit their loved ones who are ill.

In order for the miracles in the Bible to take place God’s special action was required; therefore, we need to pray for divine intervention to take place and then be on the lookout for God’s actions in unbelievable ways. After all, God is still in charge of the miracle department.

As we begin the days of December, let us do so humbly, admitting that we have reached the end of our rope. Let us ask God to inspire the scientists and medical people to discover what we need and what you, God, already know are the answers to our pandemic problems. All of God’s people said AMEN AMEN AMEN.

The Rev. Dr. Gene Norris is a former associate pastor at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Augusta.


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