We can over complicate politics sometimes. Politics is about family and health. What Labor wants to do, we understand Australians want to hand on a better deal to the generations that come after them. We want to hand on a better deal with preschool to school to Tafes to universities.

And we want to hand on a better environment than the one we currently have by taking real action on climate change. We want to make sure that we hand on a better deal to our kids when it comes to being able, for them, to be able to afford to buy their first home rather than favour property investors buying their fifth or sixth property.

There is no issue more important to Australians than their health. If your family’s health OK and your health is OK, everything is possible. If you have a challenge with your health everything else tends to take second place.

That’s why Labor believes so much in our Medicare system. We want to keep it the world’s best system.

We want to make sure GPs are properly resourced and people who suffer from mental health illness get the help they require and the aged care systems are genuinely looking after people when they grow older. When it comes to health there, is no bigger battle than when you or a loved one receives a diagnosis of cancer. Cancer makes it sick but it shouldn’t make you poor.

It’s why Labor has a decision when they walk in the most terrifying path of their lives, they shouldn’t be drowning in thousands of dollars because the government doesn’t properly fund cancer care.


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