Fort Lauderdale, FL – This summer, Chiquita is continuing its mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living by launching a limited-edition fitness sticker collection for the second year in a row. During the month of July, the brand’s tasty bananas will showcase 12 stickers offering fun and easy workout challenges for fans to try at home. In addition to encouraging banana lovers across the country to get active, this playful sticker series is a reminder that Chiquita’s bananas go hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle.

Building off the success of Chiquita’s 2019 fitness challenge, the leading banana company has elevated this year’s fitness collection to provide three new varieties of exercise, including: Warm Up, Home Workout and Mindfulness. Exercises range from stretching and breathwork, to strength training such as tricep dips and squats, plus ways to relax your mind after a workout. Each challenge is designed for all fitness levels, allowing participants to power through the various challenges with family and friends.

“Recognizing that people are spending more time at home this summer, Chiquita wanted to provide fun and easy ways to maintain a well-rounded wellness routine,” said Tina Varjabedian, Marketing Manager North America for Chiquita. “We hope the new Fitness Sticker Series, along with our exercise tips and nutritious recipes, will help motivate fans to stay active and healthy!”

Chiquita bananas are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that complement a healthy lifestyle. Rich in vitamin B2 and natural sugars, enjoying a banana as a pre-workout snack provides a natural energy boost without any pesky sugar spikes. Bananas also have high levels of potassium, which is key for building lean muscle and protecting the heart. For fans looking for a delicious and nutritious recipe to enjoy before or after a workout, Chiquita has created six special fitness recipes to accompany its sticker collection.

In addition to promoting the fitness challenges on its bananas, Chiquita is also sharing expert fitness tips on its official Instagram account, encouraging participants to join in the fun by using #ChiquitaChallenge. The brand’s website will also host an interactive MATCH IT game, where fans can win prizes by identifying the various workouts featured on the fitness stickers.

To learn more about Chiquita’s 2020 fitness challenge, visit www.Chiquita.com.


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