– Arlene Siper loves her Fitbit but she’s still learning how to use it.

“I knew my steps. I could do my sleep time. I can do my heart rate. Everything you want was on there,” said Siper. “My big problem is I’m not too good with the computers and all, so I always need help.”

That’s when she turns to her health technology coach, Beth Weiner, at the Baycare TechDeck in Largo.
“[I] just showed her how to use it, how to change settings, a couple of simple questions,  but apparently it made a big difference to her,” said Weiner.

“She makes it that you’re not put out where she’s not making it a difficult thing for you to do,” said Siper.

The Baycare TechDeck sells health technology products, but you don’t have to make a purchase to use the free service. 

“The health tech coach can come help anyone in the community,  whether they bought their technology here or elsewhere. We’re able to give them a hand and solve any problems they might have,” said Craig Anderson, the director of innovation at Baycare Health.

“If people want to come and make a difference on their health and wellness journey,  they can come and get some tools that can help them,” said Weiner.

It’s helped Arlene move forward in her quest for better health. 

“I think it’s a positive and a step in the right direction,” said Siper.

Baycare will be bringing another TechDeck to their health hub in Valrico. For more information about the Baycare TechDeck, visit https://baycare.org/healthhub/techdeck.


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