LONDON–()–2020 has been an unprecedented year, with lockdowns, social distancing, and remote working. Video conferencing technology keeps us connected with work, family and friends. During these turbulent times we should be appreciative of the technology that keeps us going. Here are a few reasons to be thankful for video conferencing equipment this year.

It Keeps People Connected

Video conferencing technology keeps us connected more closely than ever before. A full-scale business meeting with partners dispersed around the globe or a quick video chat between a grandparent and grandchild are just a couple of mouse clicks away.

It Saves Money

Video conferencing cameras and speakerphones provide access to resources all over the world and allow companies to cut down on office space by letting their employees work from home.

It Saves Time and is greener

A great way to preserve time is by replacing business travel with efficient video conferences. Remote working eliminates time spent commuting from home to an office, giving you more time. It also reduces our carbon footprint.

It’s Easy to Use

USB plug-and-play conference cameras easy to use. Just plug into your laptop or PC, pull up Microsoft Teams or Zoom (or whatever platform you use), and start collaborating. A professional and affordable USB video camera such as the AVer CAM340+ is perfect for work and home, improving the user experience and creating a professional feel, with ultra-wide field of vision and superior sound quality.

It’s Rapidly Advancing

Expect much more AI automation — future generations of the auto framing, voice tracking and presentation tracking currently available — in your meeting experiences soon.

“The upsurge in use of video conferencing technology has helped get through 2020,” comments Buhay. “By making decisions on how we communicate, and investing in the right tools to do so, will stand us in good stead going into 2021, whether you are self-employed, CEO of an international corporation, or a family group.”


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