At the moment the European Union can not promise the membership for Ukraine in its community. This was said by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine on European and Euroatlantic Integration issues Dmytro Kuleba during the interview on the 5 TV channel.

“I realize that we will get neither great promises not big projects from the European Union. That is why we have to focus on other things. If we can not open the doors, let’s open all the windows. We have to unify all the economics and all the people. The strategy is in opening of the “windows” step by step, to send more Ukrainian business there (in Europe – ed.) and attract more European business here (in Ukraine – ed.). More low-cost flights between various Ukrainian and European cities. And then the EU membership will follow us,” he explained. 

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According to Kuleba, the Cabinet of Ministers set itself the task to reach the appropriate economic criteria for integration into the European Union in the next five years but even then Ukraine can not be accepted.

However, the Vice Prime Minister is sure that Europe does not feel tired of Ukraine. 

“That’s why we integrate the EU only when both sides are ready for this,” Dmytro Kuleba summarised. 



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