Avid arts consumer Florence Brammer was moved by Prime Productions staging of “Marjorie Prime.” It takes place in the future, when computerized hologram companions replace the deceased, “primed” with their memories. Brammer says the show is a compelling exploration of what we choose to remember, and how we choose to remember it. Performances run through May 19 at Park Square Theatre.

Katha Dance founder Rita Mustaphi is looking forward to Ethnic Dance Theatre’s “Balkan Odyssey.” Joined by MILA vocal ensemble, EDT explores the music and dance of the Balkans, from Athens to Zagreb. Performances run May 17-19 at the EM Pearson Theatre on the campus of Concordia University.

Novelist and retired arts administrator Kathleen Peterson is looking forward to a new play based on a true story in Winona. Mister James and Mister Jeff were both escaped slaves who made their way to Winona, but the found very different lives there. James ran a successful restaurant; Jeff was a panhandler who suffered public scorn. “Mister James and Mister Jeff” explores what their relationship might have been like. Performances run May 16-19 at the Masonic Theater in Winona.


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