A Perthshire 10-year-old has raised the bar with plans to expand her soap-making business.

Amelia Milton, of Bridge of Cally, began her venture when she was just seven, as part of a schools competition.

The junior entrepreneur’s business, Smelleez, has since gone from strength to strength and Amelia sells her soaps at markets and shops across Scotland.

She has now unveiled plans for a revamped range in 2020, with fresh flavours and new products.

“I have got a few new soaps coming for the new year, like pink lemonade and Irn Bru,” she said.

“I’ve got new body bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars as well.”

Amelia uses compostable paper for her soap’s packaging to ensure the range is as environmentally friendly as possible.

A range of Amelia’s soaps.

A few of her soaps include honey and milk at present, but she is hoping to make more of them vegan friendly in future.

Despite her success, it was not her original plan when the school competition came up.

She said: “I was going to make sweets but I made soaps instead.

“Everyone needs to use it.”

Amelia’s dedication to her business is evident through her commitment to each stage of the process, from making the products to marketing and selling them.

However, she said she couldn’t have got this far without the backing of her parents.

She said: “They have been very supportive. They bought things I needed when I first started.”

Her parents have also assisted her with the financial side of running the business, such as the banking.

Amelia is home schooled now and her mum Margaret said running the business was teaching her all kinds of useful lessons.

“It is our normality,” she said.

“We forget this is unusual for a 10-year old but it has become our norm.

“People who know her just treat her as a business owner.

“When [Amelia] comes up with an idea, it’s about facilitating it.”

Amelia has made an impression on those around her over the past year, winning recognition for her efforts.

In October, she scooped the Rising Star Award at The Courier Business Awards.  She also made it onto The Courier’s annual Impact 100 List earlier this month.



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